Start your style journey with Neelam

Start your style journey with Neelam

Hey! I’m Neelam and I am a Personal Stylist and Style Coach™. I’m so excited to be here doing a guest blog post for Twenty Six Fashion.

A bit about me…

I specialise in combining Personal Styling with Life Coaching to bring a range of holistic services to help you grow in inner and outer confidence.

My goal is to make personal style accessible to any and every person from any background or age. I often see clients struggling to understand what works well for them, how to dress in a way that really represents who they are, and often becoming distracted by the latest fashion trends, ending up with a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear! I am here to help with all of that. To help you grow in body confidence, find your unique style personality and, most importantly, to have fun while doing it!

How I can help you…

I offer a range of services including Body Shape Analysis, Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Analysis and Personal Shopping. All of my services start with establishing what your goals are and how we can make them achievable.

Throughout my services I offer great tips and tricks, coaching exercises and encouragement to get you feeling empowered and confident in your unique style. My personal aim is to help you reconnect with your personal style and learn how to independently create the wardrobe and confidence of your dreams.

Where you can find me….

Head over to my Instagram page where I regularly share my tips and tricks on how to style outfits, what to wear for different occasions, how to rewear your wardrobe and so much more. You’ll also see the launch of my new website soon where you can book in for a free 20 minute Style Call, find information on all of the packages I offer and sign up to my juicy newsletter!

And just before I leave you can find this week’s top tip below!

Today’s Tip...

British weather is something else. One day it’s 30 degrees and you’re in your shorts and flip flops. And then the next day there’s torrential rain!

My 3 top tips for dressing for the British weather

  1. Go for Midi or Maxi Dresses, depending on your body shape, or wider leg linen trousers to keep you covered but cool
  1. Layering is key! Use t-shirts, shirts, blazers, jackets and trench coats to create layers of warmth that can easily be ditched when the sun comes out!
  2. Try lighter coloured footwear like cream boots or backless loafers to protect your feet and keep them dry but still give the look for summer

Twenty Six Fashion have a great range of clothing and accessories that are perfect for the changing weather. I’m looking forward to styling some of their pieces soon!

See you over on Instagram soon.

Neelam x

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